The most amazing things that have happened in the history of our universe is the Birth of Jesus and his raising from the Dead on Easter.  Our sins have been drowned forever.  Anything we can do to try to repay Jesus will not measure up to the grace from our Heavenly Father we are unable to measure.  Through Jesus, we have received the eternal gift of Salvation.  The gospel is the greatest story ever re-told and it is my belief that all human beings in all times need to hear this story continually.

So, we can still commit our favorite sins and I can just ask for forgiveness right?  He will forgive us by this logic I state above, correct?  Oh I pray for your souls if you have this thought process, I would not want to be standing in judgement if this is how you lived your life.

My road and path to the next life I have made as difficult as I could have.  I have done what I have known is wrong and I have placed myself first in everything I have ever done.  I have been selfish in my sinful desires.  As I have gotten older and I became aware of my shortcomings I have been brought to my knees in guilt.

Create in me a pure heart Oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Please give me comfort and peace from my previous sins that I cannot change and remind me of the sacrifice you have made through Christ Jesus.  Guard and keep me from all evil and protect me from all sins to include the ones I am not aware and my favorite sins of choice.  I pray in Jesus Holy Saving name, Amen.